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Air PACA monitors the air quality in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. In January 2012, the associations agreed to monitor the air quality, Atmo PACA and Airfobep merged. Air PACA is an associative structure, approved by the Ministry in charge of environment. The association is a member of the federation ATMO, which includes 35 associations of Authorised Monitoring Air Quality (AASQA) in France.

Air PACA brings together local authorities, state agencies and public institutions, industrial associations, environmental protection and consumer qualified individuals and / or health professionals. This diversity of membership and the association status can guarantee Air PACA's impartiality, such as keeping an overall view of the problem of air quality.

The five main missions of Air PACA:

  • Monitor air quality by measuring and modeling tools.
  • Anticipate the air quality and pollution peaks.
  • Inform on a daily basis, and in the case of pollution episodes.
  • Understand the phenomena of pollution by conducting specific studies and thus contribute to establishing linkages, including between air and health, air and the environment.
  • Contribute to discussions on land use and travel by providing both elements of assessment, prediction tools and decision aids.


Le Noilly Paradis - 146 Rue Paradis 

13294 Marseille Cedex 06

00 33 (4) 91 32 38 00




Alexandre Armengaud, Responsable Modélisation et Coopération

Téléphone: 04 91 32 38 00

Email: alexandre.armengaud(at)

Vincent Michaud, Ingénieur Chargé d'étude

Téléphone: 04 91 32 38 00

Email: vincent.michaud(at)