Authority of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (AZESA)


In 2001, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) was established as the statutory institution empowered with regulatory, administrative, fiscal and economic responsibilities in ASEZ and acting as the legal heir of both the Aqaba Regional Authority and the Aqaba Municipality. ASEZA is responsible, among other issues, for all environmental related issues in ASEZ.

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) is responsible for managing air quality in Aqaba through its Environment Commission. ASEZA aims at achieving sustainable development and this is why a special commissionaire (Environment commissionaire) was established to look after achieving this goal. There are two directorates in the commissionaire that cooperate in the field of air quality management; namely the Environment Directorate (regulatory body) and the Labs Directorate (Ben Hayyan-Aqaba International Laboratories), which is the technical arm. The Labs Directorate established Aqaba Air Quality Monitoring Network (AQMN) in 2007 through a joint fund by the European Union and ASEZA.




Ben Hayyan Aqaba International Laboratories

Ben Hayyan Aqaba International Laboratories has been established to enhance Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority in guiding the Zone towards becoming a dynamic and attractive engine of economic growth. And also to enhance public health streamlining trade in the Zone, Jordan and the region.




Dr. Aiman Soleiman, Manager of Ben Hayyan, Aqaba International Laboratories.

Phone: +962 3 209 0666

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Dr. Jihad Alsawair, Head Air Quality Division, Ben Hayyan-Aqaba International Laboratories.

Phone: +962 3 20 90 666

Email: jswaear(at)