City of Marseille

General Services Department includes the Department of International Relations and European (DRIE), and the Directorate of Forecasting, directing five General Delegations (General Delegation Education Culture and Solidarity, General Delegation Sustainable City and Development, the General Delegation Value of Equipment, the General Delegation Civic Life, the General Delegation Modernization and Resource Management).

The Department of International Relations and European (DRIE) manages many European programs for several years. These programs are used to support cooperative relations maintained by Marseilles municipality to some geographic areas.

This is particularly the case with Tripoli and Urban Community Al Fayhaa in Lebanon and Aqaba in Jordan. The cooperation developed with these two cities covers several aspects as governance, expanding digital, coastal engineering and tourism promotion.

Created on 29 March 2010, the Directorate of Forecasting is responsible for initializing and maintaining dynamic projection and anticipation on the major issues of society, in terms of local public policy, including new uses of digital in a sustainable development perspective.


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Mayor of Marseille: Jean-Claude Gaudin


Municipal government:

General Services Director: Jean-Claude GONDARD

Director of International Relations: Corinne BERNIE

Director of Forecasting: Jean-Charles LARDIC, jclardic(at)

Address for two structures:

Immeuble Communica

2 Place François Mireur - 13001 Marseille