Valencian Institute of the Construction (IVE)

The IVE (Valencian Institute of Edification) is a foundation of general interest depending on private law, established in 1986. Respecting the principles of impartiality, excellence and participation, the IVE's mission is to improve the quality of sustainable construction, through the activities of Research, Development and Innovation.

It brings together all actors involved in the process of building administration, professional associations, producers, developers, manufacturers, consumers, and educational institutions and technology.

Its main goal is the unification of the interests of all these stakeholders, the centralization and dissemination of information on existing building to serve as a forum for all entities associated with the building.

The main activities offered by the IVE are:

- Analysis of construction, processes, performance and cost. The IVE has become a center of knowledge in the field of construction.
- Contribution to the improvement of the process of building and construction, with the introduction of engineering, by encouraging research and training stakeholders.
- The satisfaction of social demand for quality and performance improvement of buildings, taking into account, among other aspects of accessibility, energy efficiency, acoustic comfort and sustainable development throughout its entire life cycle of life.


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Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación / Valencia Institute of Building

Tres Forques, 98              

46018 Valencia, Espagne  

Tel: +34 963986505


Luis Esteban Dominguez, Director

Email: dominguez_lui(at)

Cristina Jareno Escudero / Email: cjareno(at)