The project in brief

Air pollution has devastating environmental and health especially direct. In 1997, the World Health Organization estimated that air pollution was 400 000 people worldwide each year. We observe an increase everywhere in respiratory disorders. Air pollution is also an aggravating factor of global warming on which the greatest scientists agree today that the cause is emissions of greenhouse gases from human activity. The development of photochemical processes, the main indicator is the ozone is especially important around the Mediterranean, particularly in connection with the sunshine.
GOUV'AIRNANCE aims to reduce urban air pollution in the Mediterranean by the establishment of means of measurements and an integrated territorial governance of air quality in four Mediterranean cities: Tripoli (Lebanon), Aqaba (Jordan ), Valencia (Spain) and Marseille (France). The project purpose and for the better protection of populations, including the most sensitive (children, elderly, impaired breathing).
GOUV'AIRNANCE proposes an inclusive approach, multi-level and participatory management of air quality. The project's objective of reducing the health impact of air pollution in these cities, thanks to a better understanding of air quality in each area and information for citizens, including sensitive populations. The project also proposes to promote the integration of emission reduction measures as an essential dimension of sustainable urban planning documents.