Marseilles' digital platform

During a Local Monitoring Committee meeting in Marseille, it has been proposed to make a web-based tool designed to facilitate the air quality governance in Marseille. For the Municipality of Marseille, it answers to the political will to make the political commitments against air pollution and its consequences visible, and to improve cooperation between actors in the concerned territory. For Air PACA, the goal with this tool is to contribute to the improvement of citizens' knowledge on these issues, and to implement concrete actions to assist stakeholders in their efforts.

The platform, provisionally named, aims at being a tool for citizens, but also for public and political bodies. It perfectly matches with the purpose of serving GOUV'AIRNANCE project in supporting local governance and citizen participation, by restoring dialogue and trust regarding air quality issues. It undoubtedly presents a demonstrative strategic innovative and reproducible effect, which can be made ​​available to partners GOUV'AIRNANCE project.