Al Fayhaa, Lebanon

Urban community al Fayhaa is a union of three municipalities; Tripoli, El-Mina and El-Beddawi. These cities occupy a territory composed of 30km2 located in the Governorate of North Lebanon on the eastern shore of the mediterranen sea and can be described as the easternmost port of Lebanon. Al Fayhaa community is located 85 km north of the capital Beirut.

Tripoli is considered as a very ancient city. It dates back to the days of phoenians (3000 years BC), it was the center of a Phoenician confederation which included Tyre, Sidon and Arados, hence the name Tripoli, meaning "triple city" in Greek. Later, the Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, the Caliphate, the Seljuk Empire, Crusader States, the Mamluks, and the Ottoman Empire successively controlled Tripoli and its environ.

Nowadays, Tripoli is the administrative capital of the North of Lebanon, thus, it is considered the center of the Northern governorate where all regional governmental offices and services are very well established.

El Mina city, is the seaside of Al-Fayhaa , it includes also the port which plays an important role for transit to the neighboring Arab countries.

Al Baddawi city is in the north of the community Al-Fayhaa  and the city is the pipeline loading terminal of Tripoli Oil Instalation Lebanon (TOIL) pipeline petroluen ,through which exports of petroleum took place for a long period of time. The TOIL refinery is out of service now.

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