Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba, located in the south of Jordan, is the only outlet of the country to the sea and is considered to be one of the important cities in Jordan.

Aqaba plays a crucial role in the overall development process of Jordan due to the fact that it is one of the country’s attractive areas for tourism in addition to the trade and industrial activities that take place in that city.

The transformation of the city into a special economic zone in 2001 (Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ)) was accompanied by an expansion in activities of all vital sectors; tourism, trade and industry.

In the tourism section, the infrastructure has been improved; more hotels, restaurants, recreation centers and roads have been built, causing more tourists to come to the city from inside the country and from abroad.

In the trade sector, port activities have also been expanded; more free flow of goods to and from ports accompanied with an increase in road transportation of trucks have also occurred. The import/export port activities are mainly handling of industrial materials such as potash, cement, phosphate, and chemicals, especially solvents. In addition, a natural gas receiving facility was also established (Jordanian Egyptian Fajr for Gas Transmission and Supply Company) in the southern industrial zone of Aqaba to receive the natural gas from Taba in Egypt through a sub-sea pipeline.

In parallel, the industrial activities that take place in the southern industrial zone have also been expanded causing more flow of raw materials to Aqaba and more flow of products to flow out.

This expansion in all development sectors caused an increasing pressure and burden on the environment, mainly on air quality and marine environment.

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