Marseille, France

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Marseille is located in the southeast of France, capital of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and prefecture of the department of Bouches-du-Rhone. Its historical territory forms a sort of amphitheater, enclosed by the sea to the west, by mountains (the Calanques) to the south with Marseilleveyre, by the "Blue Coast" (Côte Bleue) to the north with Estaque (immortalized by the painter Paul Cézanne ) and the "chaînes de l'Etoile" and Garlaban to the northeast.

Marseille is the oldest city in France. Its current architecture and its people reflect 2600 years of history. The richness of its heritage still provide for future generations, sustainability of the relationship with this teeming past.

With more than 860,000 inhabitants, Marseille is the second most populated municipality of France. Its urban area is the second largest in France. Since 2000, Marseille is part of the metropolitan Marseille Provence Métropole, which includes 18 municipalities.

Cradle of Mediterranean cultures, Marseille has over time established a strong identity boasting a diverse culture. During the glorious and prosperous as well as phases of crisis periods, the city and its people have shown resilience and responsiveness.

Marseille has always interested and stimulated the imagination of the French people. The city is proud of its difference and its strong sense of belonging, results of its unique history.

Marseille, as all major cities, suffer from pollution, including automobile air, despite a favorable climate and environment (sea, many windy days, including Mistral and sea breezes, plenty of green space, including National Calanques Park, a short period of heating buildings (average outdoor temperature of 16 ° C) and very little heavy polluting industries).

Improving air quality is therefore an important issue for a better quality of lifein order to preserve the health of Marseille's inhabitants and the many tourists who annually visit the city.

Greater coordination of actors working in this field would be more effective and get good results; GOUV'AIRNANCE perfectly fits with this expectation.